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over 9 years ago

Dashing Challenge Weekly Update #1

Hi Everyone!

David here, Dashing's maintainer. There's just over a month remaining to submit your entry to the challenge. That's plenty of time, but don't get complacent!

If you're still looking for inspiration make sure to check out the additional widgets page on the Dashing Wiki to see what's out there. Also, if you run into a problem feel free to ask for help by raising an issue on GitHub. Myself and other members of the community are happy to help out.

Today I want to share with you an excellent book on dashboard design that I picked up recently. Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few. blogged about the second edition that just came out, but the first edition from 2006 is available for free as an ebook. Go here to snag a copy.

I started reading it over the weekend and would recommend it to anyone using Dashing. It's chock full of great ideas and advice to keep in mind when building your widgets and dashboards.

That's all for now. I'll have another update for you next week. Thanks for taking part in the Dashing Challenge!