Fitbit widget for Dashing, which uses the Fitgem gem (to which I've contributed) to retrieve information from the Fitbit API (

It displays today's steps (with the percentage of today's goal), the lifetime (total) steps, today's distance (with the percentage of today's goal), the lifetime (total) distance, today's calories burned (with the percentage of today's goal) and the active minutes (with the percentage of today's goal) of the day.

The widget slides through these views by CoffeeScript animation (see screenshots; there are graph views and lifetime achievement views; the last one is an error notice, which shows up when something goes wrong with the API).

Each view which has a goal and thus a percentage, shows the progress in a graph. These graphs and it's icon will change color depending on which percentage you've reached. For more information about the colors, see:

I'm personally using a Fitbit Flex ( and the data on the live demo is my progress through the day.

Demo: (it also shows my Milkman and Errbit widget and my brothers Klimato and Nike+ widget. These are all listed on the additional third-party widgets wiki page and since the competition isn't over yet, we might add more widgets soon).

Update: I've added a configuration option called 'animate_views', which enables you to turn the animation on or off. When it's on it will rotate through the available statistics (each shown in a separate view), but when it's off, it will show a single view (a list) with all the statistics. An example of this view is shown in the second image in the gallery above.

For more information see the Github repository:

Try it out